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Problems while sending files to SFTP server

Dec 9, 2009 at 9:52 AM


We are trying to send some .csv files and .dat files to the sftp server through Biztalk 2009 using BLogical SFTP adapter, where the filename of csv and done file is same. The size of CSV will be variable (minimum 100kb) and .dat file will be of 1kb only.
But the server is showing some strange behaviour, wherein somtimes the files are generated as per expectations,
while sometimes the csv file is not generated and .dat file is generated with the size of the csv file.

for example: if files are to be generated are test1.csv(150kb) and test1.dat(1kb)
On sftp server test1.csv will not be generated and test1.dat will be generated with size of 150kb.

We have checked the entire code, and it doesn't seem there is any problem with the code.

Has anyone faced similar situation while send files to the SFTP server using BLogical SFTP Adapter?
We are using identity file for sftp authentication and the send ports are dynamic.


Dec 15, 2009 at 5:07 PM


Are you using the same 'temp' folder? Try using separate 'temp' folders, and log a bug if that is the issue perhaps.