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Blogical SFTP Adapter On BizTalk 2013 R2 Server

Jul 9, 2015 at 2:14 PM
Many people thought that BizTalk 2013 (and R2) would eradicate the need for the Blogical SFTP adapter, since it comes with a built-in SFTP adapter. However, the built-in SFTP adapter lacks the SSO (Enterprise Single Sign-on) capability. For this reason I installed Blogical SFTP adapter and tried to use it.
Installation went fine, but there was a little trouble with registering the adapter in BizTalk.
I got an error message saying "Cannot add adapter because of a duplicate Alias value. (WinMgmt)".
I found that the installer hard-coded some information in the registry at installation, the information about the adapter that BizTalk Administration Console needs when registering the adapter in BizTalk. One of the things is the alias value. Both the built-in SFTP adapter and Blogical SFTP adapter uses "SFTP://"
I changed the registry value for the Blogical SFTP adapter to something else, and voilá!, the registration went fine!
The adapter runs fine, but there is one small detail I'm not sure if it has any impact or not: The admin console adds a send and a receive handler to the new adapter, and after adding the hosts I want, I cannot delete the send handler the admin console added. If anybody has a solution for this, it would be nice.

This is the registry change I had to do:
Name: AliasesXML
Old value:
New value:
Happy SFTP-ing!