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Batch files to single orchestration

Feb 6, 2012 at 9:25 PM

We are using an implementation of this adapter to bring in a batch of multiple files from an FTP server into an orchestration in order to move them into our content management system.  The problem we are facing is that although all files are downloaded in a batch, random groupings of the files from the FTP server get sent to multiple orchestrations.

If there are 20 files on the FTP server we might get four orchestration's initiated with 5 files each, and the very next time with the exact same 20 files we might get 8 separate orchestrations initiated with random numbers of files divided across.

I look at the sequence diagram in the documentation and it says:

"When there are no files left to pick up or the batch has reached maximum number of files in batch or maximum number of bytes, the entire batch is submitted to BizTalk (6)."

I have configured our receive location to no limit for both number of files and number of bytes.


Has anyone experienced this?  Or am I missing something?