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Message: channel is not opened. - (able to connect via FileZilla FTp Client)

Dec 29, 2010 at 9:03 AM
Edited Dec 30, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Hello Friends ,

I am getting the below error in event log with my orchestrations suspended in resumable state ...

Appreciate if somecan share Pointers or more information to the below error , ..I am getting this error and unable to receive or send any files to the sftp server.

however i used filezilla and could connect to server using the User name password , permissoins looks fine and port 22 can be telent on target server.

Event Type:       Error

Event Source:    SFTPAdapter

Event Category: None
Event ID:           1001
Date:                29/12/2010
Time:                5:26:13 PM
User:                N/A
Computer:         X.X.X.Com
Method: Blogical.Shared.Adapters.Sftp.SharpSsh.Sftp.connect
Error: Unable to connect to Sftp host []


Type: System.Exception
Message: Unable to connect to Sftp host []



Type: Tamir.SharpSsh.jsch.JSchException
Target: Void connect()
Message: channel is not opened.

   at Tamir.SharpSsh.jsch.Channel.connect()
   at Tamir.SharpSsh.SshBase.ConnectChannel()
   at Tamir.SharpSsh.SshBase.Connect(Int32 tcpPort)
   at Blogical.Shared.Adapters.Sftp.SharpSsh.Sftp.connect(Boolean force)

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Some Additional Info

the doucmentation says that there wil be a hostkey file in Isolated Storage of the Service account runing biztalk service on first run , later this is used to cross check.

before the IP of SFTP was change the SftpHostFiles.config(Containing a correct hostkey) did exists but i deleted them to re-bin and now when i start the process those the file are not being created . The SFTP servers IP address is changed but i am using the host name and not ip , trying ip also does not work ...Any idea what could be the issue .

Thx in advance