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Installation query

Jul 27, 2010 at 11:34 AM


We've installed the Sftp Adapter (version 1.3.3) but had a couple of problems with the installation.  Firstly, the installation ended with a message, "To successfully commit this setup, please run the Blogical.SharedAdapters.Sftp.reg located in the installatino folder".  This file is not in the installation folder and cannot be found on the machine, either.  We suspect that this message is a hangover from a previous version since the installation ended by running console application.  Could someone please confirm this or, alternatively, let us know how we can get hold of the necessary file.

Secondly, and assuming that the installation is, in fact, complete, we tried to define an SFTP send port, but notice that the adapter is not listed in the available types in the BizTalk Administrator.  It is listed as a type for a dynamic send port in the orchestration; however that is not what we want, if we can avoid it.

Many thanks



Aug 1, 2010 at 8:58 PM


The message you got is a legacy and has been removed in later releases. The adapter should be installed with necessary registry settings.

After you've installed the adapter you need to add it to the adapters on your server. You do this by right-click on the "Adapters" node in the BizTalk Admin Console, and choose "Add Adapter". The SFTP adapter should now be in the list of adapters to add.